Do you want to learn how to defend yourself? 

Do you want to gain self-confidence?

Do you want to combine self-defence with a great physical workout customized to your specific training needs and physical fitness level?

KRAV MAGA is a practical self-defense system based on the natural and reflexive reactions of the human body. It is simple, efficient and easy to learn regardless of your age, gender or fitness level.

Toronto Tactical Training and Consulting Inc. (T3) specializes in training and consulting solutions for civilian self-defense and professional operational security.

The strength of our company is based on Jean-Paul Jauffret's world renowned expertise in Krav Maga, a self-defense and close combat system accessible to security professionals as well as civilians.

T3 civilian and professional training programs combines:

  • Years of excellence in teaching Krav Maga.

  • Decades of experience in field operational constraints (including operational stress management, hostile environments, close protection, tactical procedures for law enforcement and military). 

  • A unique approach to Krav Maga through ongoing research & development.

  • The development of unique programs such as the "Adaptive Krav Maga" program which makes practical self-defense accessible to people with disabilities.


We are based in Toronto and Ottawa/Gatineau and we operate in all Canada as well as international.

Services for civilians

Private classes for corporate and small groups

Private classes


  • How to use common objects to defend yourself

  • Defense against knife attacks

  • Defense against sticks

  • Defense against an active shooter

  • Defense against guns and riffles

  • Specialized self defense for women